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  • Due to modern technologies, it possible to conduct painless and safe surgical interventions to eliminate tumors of various sizes and classes and to carry out effective treatment of cancer. All treatment methods are carried out in accordance with international standards

  • Cancer Treatment Methods in Turkey Modern cancer treatment technologies are: TrueBeam, Gamma knife, Cyber ​​knife, da Vinci robot, LIAC (intraoperativeradiation therapy), Trilogy, Rapidark (Rapidark), modified chemotherapy, stem cell treatment. . Some cancer diseases (Hodgkin’s disease (lymphogranulomatosis), lymphoma) require bone marrow transplantation. It is important to notice that such operations are not carried out in some countries,thats why every year thousands of patients from all over the world come here for such complicates and long lasting treatment. . If you decided to treat cancer in our country, you need to contact us. We will do our best to provide you with free consultations from the best oncologists professors

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